Computation and Cognition - Fall 2006

Homework 8

Due by class time MONDAY, November 13

Study the example programs we discussed in class this week.


The last two are among the most famous papers in artificial intelligence. I'd like you to write a one or two page response to both of them. The Newell and Simon article presents their physical symbol system hypothesis, which claims that intelligence can—indeed, can only—be realized within a "physical symbol system". The Searle article presents a thought experiment called the Chinese Room to argue against the idea of intelligence as symbol-manipulation. Which argument seems more persuasive to you? Why? In your reactions, identify two or three weaknesses or criticisms of each article. Be prepared to discuss these articles in class next week.

Your responses should not be summaries of the papers; rather, they should be the product of the reading process. Write down thoughts as they occur to you while you read, ideas that you find particularly interesting or intriguing, points that are not clear, connections to other things you have read, and so on. Also be sure to include a few questions, general or specific, for discussion.

Programming Problems

Finish the object-oriented programming (OOP) exercises from class:

Turning in Your Homework

  1. Put your OOP programs into a single file called and submit it using the Homework Upload Site.

  2. Turn in a hardcopy printout of your file.

  3. Turn in a hardcopy printout of your reading responses during class on Monday.

If you have questions about anything, don't hesitate to ask!